Concrete Products for Contractors

Designed to help reduce cost and improve quality

Our GHC Products are designed for professionals

These products are easy to use, made of the highest quality materials, and designed to make the contractor’s job easier and less-costly, while improving the quality of construction.

These high-quality GHC products were created by veteran tilt-up concrete contractor, Greg Carpenter. Greg is the President and CEO of Greg Carpenter Concrete Incorporated (GCCI) headquartered in Lodi, California. The innovative GHC Product line is an outcome of GCCI’s experience with tilt-up concrete shell buildings since 1989. GHC Products are designed to enhance value engineering by reducing waste and increasing efficiency while enhancing the quality of concrete construction.

GHC Products currently offer three high quality products:

  • Expansion Joint Holders
  • Pipe Dowels
  • Adjustable Chair Supports

These high quality products are available directly from GHC Products or one of our distribution partners. To find out if you have a local distributor, CLICK HERE.

We are confident that after you use these products to complete a concrete project, you will want to use them again and again. Ordering these products is easy, just call (209) 367-4964 today and we can approve you for direct shipment and future online purchases or if you are supported by a local GHC Product Distributor we will help refer you to the right contact.


Tiltup Brace Saddle

The Tiltup Brace Saddle was introduced at the 2018 World of Concrete show in Las Vegas. The Brace Saddle product was extremely well received and had great reviews from the attending Tiltup Contractors. Some of these contractors even called the Tiltup Brace Saddle the most innovative product at the show.

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Our Adjustable Support Chairs Reduce Costs

GHC founder Greg Carpenter saw that contractors were often ending up with a lot of left over concrete support chairs at the end of a job so Greg and his team designed the adjustable support chair.  This high quality concrete support chair quickly and accurately adjusts from 6 inches to 10 inches so there isn’t any need to order sets of support chairs with different heights.  The adjustment in height is easily adjusted using the screwing the center post up or down.  The adjustability of our support chair means there’s also no worry about having left over chairs.

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The Pipe Dowel™ Quality Equipment, Construction-Tested

Our pipe dowels are ICBO approved and this uniquely designed pipe dowel is superior in preventing bent rebar. We developed this product because we were tired of messy grease that is required for the smooth dowel systems. We also recognized the inefficiency and wasted time spent double cutting rebar, and the hassle of repositioning out of position smooth dowels. The GHC pipe dowel delivers an effective pipe dowel solution that will save you time and will reduce your costs.

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Introducing the revolutionary cost saving Walk Behind Tape Dispenser

Taping seams just got easier!

  1. Place a roll of tape on the pre-fitted roller,
  2. wrap it around the compression roller,
  3. place it on the center of the seam,
  4. start walking!

It’s that easy!

*this product is Patent Pending

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Our Expansion Joint Holder Offers Flexibility

Expansion joints were always tricky for concrete contractors in the past. Problems keeping expansion joints accurately located are over when you use the GHC Products concrete expansion joint holder. Our expansion joint holder is stable, expandable and dependable to our line of tilt-up concrete products. GHC’s expansion joint holder comes in two foot sections that lock together to enable unlimited lengths to be set. This product is highly recommended on site concrete or wherever an expansion joint is called for during construction.

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