The Pipe Dowel

The Pipe Dowel™ Quality Equipment, Construction-Tested

Our pipe dowels are ICBO approved and this uniquely designed pipe dowel is superior in preventing bent rebar. We developed this product because we were tired of messy grease that is required for the smooth dowel systems. We also recognized the inefficiency and wasted time spent double cutting rebar, and the hassle of repositioning out of position smooth dowels. The GHC pipe dowel delivers an effective pipe dowel solution that will save you time and will reduce your costs.

Designed by a Contractor for Contractors

The Pipe Dowell™ was developed by California licensed Contractor Greg Carpenter. Greg is President and CEO at Greg Carpenter Concrete, Inc. (GCCI) and he has used The Pipe Dowel™ System on many construction projects. Our pipe dowel alternative is a superior choice because it improves structural integrity while eliminating the many drawbacks of using the smooth dowel systems.

Contractors using The Pipe Dowel™ have reported high satisfaction with our product and Structural Engineers routinely approve or spec The Pipe Dowel™ for use on their construction projects.

The Pipe Dowel™ is made in three sizes to accommodate #3 rebar (3/8” model), #4 rebar (1/2” model) and #5 rebar (5/8″ pipe dowel) so regardless of the project requirements we have the right dowel for your needs.

Simple to Place

All that is needed is a cut-off saw to place The Pipe Dowel™. Simply cut the rebar mat, pull one side up, slip The Pipe Dowel™ over, return the mat to the correct position and slide the dowel over the adjacent side. That’s all there is to it, your dowel is in place!

The Pipe Dowel™ is made of ASTM A-53 ERW pipe, a polyethylene plastic sleeve surrounding the steel pipe to keep concrete from adhering and vinyl end caps. The caps will keep the dowel in place while placing concrete. The polyethylene is tough enough to withstand the work traffic from labor to trucks, so no worries about the underside of the dowel maintaining adequate protection from concrete.

The Pipe Dowel is available directly from GHC Products or from one of our reputable distributors at a location near you. Why not call today and order The Pipe Dowel to make your next project more efficient?

Enter the quantity you are interested in purchasing in the “Buy Now” box and request a quote if you are a new customer. We will provide you with a customized quote for your order. Want to speak with us now for a quote? Call (209) 367-4964.

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