Safety Is Action at GCCI

A Full Time Focus on Safety

  • A full time Safety Manager who is on site daily.
  • OSHA 30-hour certification and Training, First-Aid/CPR training.
  • All employees trained on personal protective equipment, hazards communication, fall protection, material handling.
  • Safety training for each job-specific phase and process.

FOCUS on Safety

GCCI integrates safety into every process, schedule and project plan. Our full time safety manager attends all project planning meetings to ensure that safety is not only a consideration but is included in every step of the planning process. GCCI incorporates safety into our model of quality construction process including project meetings, incident/accident investigations and review, on site crew safety monitoring.

GCCI Has a Plan for Safety

The GCCI Safety Manager works with the leadership team on an ongoing basis to review safety practices, training and procedures to ensure we meet our safety goals. We know safety is vital for employee morale as well as project efficiency.

Safety Certification for Every Employee

Safety is actively integrated with the GCCI ongoing employee training program to ensure each worker is well informed and reminded of safe construction and operational processes. Standard safety training is provided to every employee and our safety manager follows up on site to ensure that safety training becomes safety practice.

GCCI Has a Low MOD Rate

GCCI consistently maintains a MOD rate below 1.0. For the current fiscal year our rate is .76. Improving our MOD rate is an annual company goal.

GCCI is proud to offer you a safe and high quality concrete construction services.

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