Advantages of Tilt-up Construction Techniques

If you are considering the construction of a new building, regardless of its purpose, you want a building that meets or exceeds your specific needs, is attractive and enhances your business image, reasonably priced, and efficient – a building in which you can take pride! Tilt-Up concrete construction can provide you with all of these benefits and GCCI has vast experience building tilt-up concrete shell buildings in Northern California. We specialize in this type of construction because of the inherent advantages for owners and developers that traditional structures don’t have.

The advantages of tilt-up construction include:

  • Fast Track Delivery
  • Cost Containment
  • Innovation and Architectural Aesthetics
  • Durability and Lower Operating Costs
  • Safety
  • Tilt-Up Construction is Faster

Tilt-Up Concrete walls can be adapted to build just about anything and can facilitate the design-build process where building construction proceeds while the design is developed, speeding completion. By allowing assembly line prefabrication of the load-bearing reinforced concrete wall panels, the trades to get in sooner and work in a better environment, better availability of materials and labor, and you get earlier occupancy. Once on site many buildings using the tilt-up method can be completed in four months.

Tilt-up Construction facilitates Cost Containment

Tilt-up construction encourages cost containment because there are fewer variables with Tilt-up projects and in-place material costs are generally more competitive than precast, masonry and steel structures. Fewer skilled laborers are needed to achieve high-quality construction and the speed of erection enables other subcontractors to begin and complete their work faster than in other construction methods. The short construction cycle minimizes the potential for cost increases and the consumption of construction material as soon as purchased enables early payment.

Tilt-up Construction is innovative

Tilt-up construction facilitates the design and construction of innovative and aesthetically pleasing buildings at costs that challenge the development of traditionally constructed industrial buildings. This construction process is ideal for implementing a wide variety of decorative treatments such as exposed aggregate, colors or textured paints, a variety of surface textures or Trompe l’oeil painting techniques to enhance the general appearance of the building. Through the use of CAD drawings, GCCI can interact with the client during the preplanning and layout process to improve the building’s appearance and features during construction.

Tilt-up Construction are durable and enable lower operating costs

Because the thermal mass in concrete reduces the heating and cooling peak loads of your tilt-up building you require less heating and air-conditioning that allows for smaller, less costly mechanical systems. Further, the construction of integral sandwich walls or use of lightweight interior insulation systems can enhance the efficiency of your building. Because tilt-ups are more fire resistant, and better able to withstand wind storm and earthquake damage you’ll enjoy lower insurance premiums. Finally, tilt-ups require less maintenance than traditional buildings.

Tilt-up Construction Sites are Safe

Because most of the construction work is done on the ground, tilt-up construction provides a safer working surface for workers. Since the walls are formed on the ground, few workers are required during the lifting process and the shorter construction cycle reduces the opportunity for accidents.

Tilt-Up Isn’t New, It’s National

According to the “Tilt Up Concrete Association (TCA), “Nationwide, over 15% of all industrial buildings are Tilt-Up, ranging in size from 5,000 to over 1.5 million square feet.” TCA also cites that “At least 10,000 buildings enclosing more than 650 million square feet are constructed annually.

GCCI Experts in Tilt-Up Construction

GCCI would be pleased to answer your questions about concrete tilt-up construction and help you understand how this fast-growing method of construction would benefit your next project.

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